Funding Priorities

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New Baptist Hospital Campus

Gifts to this fund will support the New Baptist Health Care Campus at the corner of Brent Lane and I-110. This new campus will be an innovative, convenient, safe and compassionate place to provide and receive care, incorporating modern efficiencies in a healing environment.

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Areas of Greatest Need

Undesignated gifts will be placed into a fund that will be utilized as needed for support within Baptist Health Care.

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Behavioral Health Unit

Gifts to this fund support programs for adults, adolescents and children with psychiatric illnesses to provide a treatment program that is tailored to the individual’s unique strengths and resiliencies and ensures a successful recovery plan.

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Cancer Services

Gifts designated to this fund are used for new equipment, renovations and patient care for the Baptist Cancer Institute.

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Faith Health Network

This program serves as a bridge between community health care resources and local congregations. Gifts are used to support FHN in providing members access to education and preventive medicine through health screenings, health education, assistance accessing the right clinic or physician for specific health needs, mental health resources and advocacy.

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Gulf Breeze Hospital

Gulf Breeze Hospital is the area’s only five-star rated hospital and has been providing quality care for nearly 40 years.

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Heart & Vascular Services

Gifts designated to this fund are used to provide new equipment, programs and services related to cardiac care.

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Helping Hands

Baptist Health Care team members are among some of the most loyal donors through the Helping Hands program. With their generous contributions, several projects and initiatives are made available.

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Mammogram Fund

Gifts received to this fund are utilized to help with education, prevention and early detection of breast cancer for those meeting established financial criteria. Baptist Health Care’s mammogram program is paid for through this fund.

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Speech & Hearing

This fund is managed by the Speech & Hearing Board, a program of the Foundation. Gifts are used to fund speech and hearing services for those who may not otherwise be able to afford them.

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Sports Medicine Outreach

Andrews Institute for Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine provides education, training, physical exams and sports medicine coverage to schools throughout the Northwest Florida region at no cost to the schools or school districts through their nearly 50 certified athletic trainers.

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Stroke Services

Gifts to this fund support purchases for new equipment, renovations and programs for stroke care, including the annual educational stroke symposium.

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Mother-Baby Center

Gifts to this fund can be used for new equipment, renovations and programs for the Mother-Baby Center at Baptist Hospital. These funds also help provide necessities for newborns of families in need.

Icon of a knee for Rehab services.
Rehabilitation Services

Andrews Institute for Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine provides a full range of rehabilitation services for physical, occupational and speech therapy. Therapists customize each treatment plan to improve functions related to an illness or injury, rebuild strength and daily capabilities and overcome speech and language limitations.