Annual Meeting / Hollinger Awards

The 2023 recipients were recognized at the Baptist Health Care Foundation annual meeting on Nov. 15, 2023, at the Pensacola Yacht Club.

  • Volunteer of the Year
  • Jan Peterson
  • Women's Board Volunteer of the Year
  • Rachel Herman
  • Health Care Professional of the Year
  • Chief David Torsell and the Baptist Incident Command Team for the new Baptist Hospital campus move day
  • Physician of the Year
  • James Andrews, M.D.
  • Lifetime Achievement
  • John Porter

Past Recipients

2022Physician of the Year: Ray Aycock, M.D.; Health Care Professional: Jerri Mobley; Lifetime Achievement: Marcus Paul, D.M.D.; Volunteer of the Year: Wendy Brandon; Women’s Board Volunteer: Anna Kisor, Pharm.D

2021Physician of the Year: Enrique Diaz, M.D.; Health Care Professional: Toinetta Coolie, MSN, FNP-BC; Volunteer of the Year: J. Clyde Broome; Women’s Board Volunteer: Grace Sullivan

2019Physician of the Year: Michael Dolister, M.D; Health Care Professional: Tammie Stefanko; Human Services Professional: Edna Williams; Lifetime Achievement: W. Luther Taylor; Volunteer of the Year: Edna Moore; Women’s Board Volunteer: Monica Sherman

2018Physician of the Year: Dr. Charles Roth; Health Care Professional: Dr. David Josephs; Lifetime Achievement: Fred Donovan, Sr; Volunteer of the Year: Marjorie Stone and Kara Elliott-Jordan; Women’s Board Volunteer: Tara Rollins

2017Physician of the Year: Mark Strauss, M.D.; Health Care Professional: Irvin Williams, Ph.D., CAP; Lifetime Achievement: Robin Herr; Physician Lifetime Achievement: Jack Lurton, M.D.; Volunteer of the Year: Gerald Waters; Women’s Board Volunteer: Teresa Cole

2016Health Care Professional: Gary Bembry; Lifetime Achievement: Kirk Ball, Sr.; Volunteer of the Year: Logan Hunter; Community Volunteer: Sue Straughn; Women’s Board Volunteer: Connie Crosby

2014Physician: Dr. Baehr; Health Care Contributor: Bob Wilson; Lifetime Achievement: Dr. Langhorne; Volunteer of the Year: Marguerite Averett; Women’s Board Volunteer: Stacey Balka

2013Physician: Thabet Alsheikh, M.D.; Lifetime Achievement: Dr. Don Winslett; Volunteer of the Year: Doris Naile; Women’s Board Volunteer: Dona Usry

2012Physician: Lornetta Epps, M.D.; Lifetime Achievement: Al Stubblefield; Volunteer of the Year: Gloria Wolf; Women’s Board Volunteer: Kim Lien

2011Physician: Dr. William A. Zimmern, Jr.; Lifetime Achievement: Terrie Wood; Volunteer of the Year: Vera Costello; Women’s Board Volunteer: Brooke Hicks

2010Physician: Dr. Percy Goodman; Lifetime Achievement: The Ted Ciano Family & Dr. Fredrick R. Braden; Volunteer of the Year: Charles Burns; Women’s Board Volunteer: Caroline Kelly

2009Physician: Dr. Troy Tippett; Health Care Worker: Marcia DeSonier; Lifetime Achievement: John Bilbrey, Ph.D., Volunteer of the Year: Suzie Gilchrist; Women’s Board Volunteer: Rhonda Maygarden

2008Physician: Dr. Jack Lurton; Health Care Worker: Richard (Dick) Fulford; Lifetime Achievement: William (Bill) Byrd; Volunteer of the Year: H. Britt Landrum; Women’s Board Volunteer: Patsy Baxter

2007Physician: Drs. Jim and Nell Potter; Lifetime Achievement: Morris Eaddy, Ph.D., Volunteer of the Year: Gene Booker; Women’s Board Volunteer: Dottie Booker

2006Physician: William H. Nass, M.D.; Lifetime Achievement: (2) Melba B. Meyer Trust and D. Jack Kugelman; Women’s Board Volunteer: Mary Burks.

2005Physician: Joseph William Weaver, M.D.; Lifetime Achievement: W. Spencer Mitchem; Women’s Board Member: Peggy Fritz
At the 2005 annual dinner, it was announced that former Foundation Fellows, Eugene Smith, Jane Pace, Howard Mitchell, Pat Groner and Warren Briggs, were bestowed the Hollinger Award for lifetime achievement.

2004Physician: Elmer Brestan, M.D.; Volunteer: Margherita Jones Soule; Lifetime Achievement: William (Bill) Hunt

2003Physician: William S. Pickens, M.D.; Volunteer: Wright Moulton; Lifetime Achievement: James F. Vickery

2002Physician: Dr. Tom Williams; Volunteer: Helen Connor; Lifetime Achievement: Dr. B. B. Jordan

2001Physician: Dr. Robert Bondurant and Dr. Dennis Peters; Volunteer: Fred Donovan; Lifetime Achievement: Dr. Alton Butler, The Kugelman Foundation, Dr. Jim Pleitz

2000Physician: Dr. Allen J. Patton; Volunteer: Nell Rooker; Lifetime Achievement: Pat N. Groner, Lifetime Achievement: Dr. S. G. Kennedy.

1999Physician: Dr. Henry Langhorne; Volunteer: Milton and Dona Usry; Lifetime Achievement: Ed Leigh McMillan

1998Physician: Dr. David Smith; Volunteer: Henry Burrell; Lifetime Achievement: Dr. Henry Yonge

1997Lifetime Achievement: Glenn R. McDonald and E. Dixie Beggs

1996Lifetime Achievement: Dr. William Douglas