Hollinger Award Application

The Baptist Health Care Foundation announces that the 2017 Hollinger Award nominating period opens on Tuesday, August 1 and will remain open until noon, Friday, September 1. The annual Hollinger Awards are named in memory of Mr. and Mrs. Pick and Alberta Hollinger, long-time generous supporters of Baptist Health Care who demonstrated an outstanding commitment to improving the quality of health care in Northwest Florida.

The awards are presented to individuals, families or organizations who have exhibited exceptional generosity and community leadership through gifts of their time and/or financial support to Baptist Health Care, Inc. The Hollinger Awards are given for the following categories:Physician of the Year, Health Care Professional of the Year, Volunteer of the Year, Women’s Board Volunteer of the Year and Lifetime Achievement award.

Click below for the application form . Please send your nominations to the BHC Foundation via email at Maegan.Leonard@bhcpns.org, fax at 469-7895 or in person at Tower 2, 4th Floor, Suite 423. Should you require additional assistance, please call the BHC Foundation office at 469-7906.

Hollinger Award Application Form

The 2017 Hollinger Award recipients will be announced in November.